Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux“Let there be Light” is the English translation of Fiat Lux, and also defines the purpose of this group. The Fiat Lux Committee gives parishioners an opportunity to shine their light through a variety of service opportunities. It also exposes parishioners to service opportunities they may not know about. 

Service opportunities are offered once a month and attract parishioners of all ages. Past projects include:

  • working at the Peace Garden at the Precious Blood Ministry for Reconciliation.
  • helping to organize items at a women’s shelter.
  • preparing a meal with the Missionaries of Charity.
  • organizing food giveaways with the Franciscans of the Eucharist.

Our work through Fiat Lux allows Christ the King members to put the Gospel into action. By volunteering each month, we allow the Light of Christ to shine in the darkness of the economically downtrodden and in our own hearts. It is the hope that we may be transformed by those we serve to be more and more like Christ.

To find out more about Fiat Lux or to get involved, please email Dan Roth or Maura Saas.


For information on our current activities, please visit our News section.