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VIRTUS Training

VIRTUS is the program of best practices that the Archdiocese of Chicago adopted to protect children enrolled in our schools and religious education programs. The VIRTUS training program is meant to empower the adults who complete it, and help control the risk of harm to children and vulnerable adults. 

The archdiocese requires all adults interested in volunteering in the classroom, coaching, supervising field trips, etc., to complete VIRTUS training before interacting with children. All employees are also required to complete this training. Christ the King offers a few VIRTUS sessions each year, and any upcoming dates will be listed on our website. Training is typically offered in the early fall and once in the summer. 

Anyone needing to complete the training can take a course offered at any location in our diocese. Please visit and select the Chicago, IL Archdiocese to view classes offered in the Chicagoland area. All participants must register through the  link as a “first time registrant”, and each step of the registration process must be completed for candidates to receive credit. Should you have questions, you are welcome to email Amy Altenbach, Christ the King’s VIRTUS Coordinator. .