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Bible Study

Companions in Faith

Companions in Faith is the program by which Christ the King organizes opportunities to journey with a small group in faith and fellowship.  These groups form and meet over a four-week period, currently in the Spring and Fall, to discuss scripture and pray together. Participation is open to anyone in the community and is non-committal. Meetings may take place on church grounds, in neighborhood establishments, or in peoples’ homes. Groups are led by volunteers who are versed in scripture and church teachings. 

Being able to journey together in faith is one of the earliest Christian and pre-Christian activities leading to greater understanding and participation. As Catholics we believe in communal salvation, and that we are a body, not many separate parts. 

Information on upcoming small faith groups can be found in the parish bulletins and our online calendar. If you would like to learn more, participate, lead a group, or host, please contact Joan O’Connor at 773/450-2441 or leave a message with the rectory office.