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Religious Education

Our Religious Education Program is designed to help provide a foundation for the faith development of all parish children who are attending non-Catholic schools. We believe in a family-focused approach that engages parents and children in developing a personal relationship with God. We also provide the religious instruction for each child to develop a solid understanding and lifelong practice of the Catholic faith and Christian service. 

We are launching an exciting new program that is designed to give our religious education students a great faith based experience.

  • We will provide 8 themed based family experiences as we journey through the year.
  • Each experience will be different. Some will be local trips, while others will be at CK.
  • Following are the tentative dates:
           Sunday, September 26th 
           Sunday, October 24th
           Tuesday, November 30th
           Monday, January 17th
           Thursday, February 24th
           Sunday, March 20th
           Thursday, April 17th
           Sunday, May 15th
  • Christ the King will provide the necessary resources to enrich the faith-based experience each month. The role of the family is to use this material and share the knowledge and activities with your children at any time that fits your family's schedule.
  • Additional time will be spent with a catechist for those children who are in a sacramental preparation
            Confirmation is scheduled for November 21st, 2021
            Communion is scheduled for May 7th, 2021
Please contact our Religious Education Department with questions at [email protected]