CK Presents Inaugural Vivat Christus Rex Award

Fr. Larry Sullivan presents inaugural Vivat Christus Rex Award to Mike Heeney at the Christ the King altar on Oct. 27, 2019


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Dear Parishioners,

I am pleased to announce that Mike Heeney is the first recipient of the Paul and Josephine Heeney Vivat Christus Rex Award. Mike, who received the award named in honor of his grandparents during our Oct. 27, 2019 mass, is clearly an outstanding parishioner who embodies the spirit of discipleship in his daily life. When Christ the King Parish was founded in 1937, many of the early masses were held in the Heeney Funeral Home. Since that time, there have been vast changes in our Church and in our neighborhood, but the core values that Mr.and Mrs. Paul Heeney held so dear are as important today as they were then.

Mike Heeney has been chosen by the Pastoral Council for this award because of his tremendous love for the Church, Christ the King Parish, our neighborhood, and each and every family that he helps in their time of need. The words, “Vivat Christus Rex” adorn the south entrance of our church building and the words mean “Long Live Christ the King.” 

Mike, his wife Denice, and their two children, Michael and Matthew, are all 

wonderful examples of what it means to serve God and to proclaim Jesus as our collective King. I am incredibly grateful to Mike and his family for all of their past kindness and for all that they do to help God’s people. They without a doubt help to challenge us all to live our faith in a way that brings comfort to others.

If you have the opportunity, please extend a word of appreciation to the Heeney family for all that they have done for our parish and our community.

God Bless,

Fr. Larry